Studies clearly show that cells cultured under appropriate physiological conditions express regulator genes in vivo that are silent under normoxic (21% O2) concentration.

Radioactive gases are continually generated during in vitro labeling using [35S]-Met/Cys (Up to 11 million CPM per typical experiment!). The Hot Box System eliminates airborne radioactive contamination and allows labs to meet radiation safety regulations.

Eliminate the Edge Effect!

Evaporation of media in multi-well plates, placed in traditional CO2 incubators, can exceed 15 to 25% in outside and corner wells, respectively!

Featured Products:

Gas Mixing Sensor (GMS)

The GMS is a flow-through O2 sensor providing fast oxygen readings from 0% to 25%. Used in tandem with our Dual Flow Meter, it is ideal for mixing custom O2 and CO2 concentrations for hypoxic and hyperoxic culture conditions or where special pre-mixed gases are expensive or unavailable. The integrated solid-state sensor does not need replacement or re-calibration like conventional electro-chemical or galvanic sensors. The readings are pre-compensated for temperature, pressure and humidity.

Modular Oxygen Monitor (MOM+CO2)

MOM+CO2 provides O2 (0-25%), CO2 (0-20%), Humidity (0-100%), Temperature (-40-125°C) and Pressure (500-1200 mbar) monitoring and data logging with wireless accessibility. Factory calibrated solid state sensors guarantee long-term, maintenance free, accurate environmental readings from inside the incubator. The sensors contains no lead or liquid electrolytes and is safe for use inside incubators. Custom rechargable LiFePO4 battery technology provides long operational life without the dangers of traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101)

The reference standard for culturing in hypoxia, the MIC-101 provides optimal tissue culturing conditions even in standard CO2 only incubators. Proven safe and reliable for in vitro fertilization, HIV isolation, creation of hypoxic / hyperoxic / normoxic environmental conditions, organ culture and the culturing of a host of cell lines. Designed to fit inside standard laboratory incubators, and many hypoxic glove boxes. With pre-conditioned media, you can maintain uninterrupted physiologic conditions for your culture.