Modular Incubator Chamber

Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101)

The MIC-101 is a compact and versatile incubator that can be used for all types of tissue culture work. It has a proven track record and is in use by thousands of laboratories world-wide. It is commonly cited for its use in maintaining cell cultures in a hypoxic / hyperoxic environments.

Create and Control your Environment.

The Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101) provides a simple, low-cost way to create the right environment for your cell culture and experiments. Whether you want to control oxygen levels, eliminate evaporation around microplate edges or mix gases to vary concentrations, the Embrient Modular Incubator Chamber is an affordable, easy-to-use solution. Used worldwide for two decades, and cited in thousands of papers, this airtight chamber has a track record of safety and reliability

The reliable air-tight seal and the fast gas exchange properties of the MIC-101 allow for the rapid creation of a non-fluctuating environment.


  • Hypoxia/Hyperoxia
  • Stem Cell Propagation/Differentiation
  • Cryopreservation
  • Transgenics
  • [35S]-Met/Cys Containment
  • IVF
  • 3D Tissue Culturing
  • Drug Development
  • Malaria Research

How does it work?

Simply place your tissue culture cells in the chamber, attach a flow meter to the unit, flush for several minutes with the desired gas mixture, then seal the chamber and place in your 37˚C incubator.

Eliminates edge effects.

Because there is no airflow in the controlled environment of the Modular Incubation Chamber, evaporation, which can exceed 25 percent for multiwell plates in standard incubators, is eliminated.
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    • Reliable, airtight seal
    • Stackable
    • Chamber’s multipurpose trays hold culture dishes and flasks, test tubes and multiwell plates
    • Sterilizable with 70% alcohol
    • Easy to clean – seamless, crevice-free interior with rolled corners streamlines cleaning and decontamination
    • Cylindrical chamber ensures even gas distribution
    • Eliminates multiwell plate edge evaporation
    • Once sealed, the MIC-101 will maintain constant gas levels for a minimum of 72 hours.
    • Multi-purpose trays hold all types of labware:
      • multiwell plates
      • tissue culture dishes
      • tissue culture flasks
      • test tubes
    • Tissue Culture Labware Capacity:
      • 100 35mm petri dishes
      • 27 60mm petri dishes
      • 12 100mm petri dishes
      • 12 96-well plates
      • 18 25-cm2 tissue culture flasks
    • Chamber and tray components are made of FDA approved clear high-test polycarbonate
    • Units can be stacked to conserve space
    • Dimensions of units:
      • Outside dimensions: dia. 33cm (13 in.)
      • height 12 cm (4.9 in.).
      • Inside diameter of trays: 26.7 cm (10.5 in).
      • Clearance between trays: 2.3 cm. (0.9 in.)