MIC-101 Eliminates the Edge Effect.

Evaporation of media in multi-well plates, placed in traditional CO2 incubators, can exceed 15% to 25% in outside and corner wells, respectively. The wells of these plates are being exposed to dramatic changes in pH, nutrient and salt concentrations.

You can check this effect for yourself by simply filling the wells of a 96 well plate with media or sterile water and placing in your laboratory’s continuous flow CO2 incubator for 72 hours. Look through the edge of the plate and you will clearly see the evaporation .

Because there is no airflow in the controlled environment of the Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101), evaporation is eliminated. Each well within a multi-well plate retains its original composition throughout the entire experiment, thus eliminating the “edge effect”. Placing your multi-well plates in the MIC-101 will dramatically increase cell viability and at the same time reducing experimental variability.

Now you can count on reproducible results with the Modular Incubator Chamber and at the same time eliminate variability and reduce contamination. The MIC-101 is designed so your cells will no longer be subject to a changing environment. Inside the sealed unit, temperature, humidity, and gas concentrations remain constant. Your plates are also isolated from potential contaminants stemming from the inherent unsterile environment of a traditional incubator.