Embrient, Inc.

Modular Incubator Chambers

The Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101) is in use world-wide to customize tissue culture conditions for gas mixture and temperature. This air-tight chamber has been proven safe and reliable for IVF, stem cells, malaria research and the culturing of a host of cell lines. The MIC-101 has become the de facto standard for culturing in hypoxia. Each unit is a self-contained incubator enabling you to create the desired tissue culture environment (gas concentration and humidity).

Gas Flow Meters

Over the years, many investigators using the MIC-101 Modular Incubator Chamber have requested a reasonably priced flow meter so they can determine when a 100% exchange of gases has occured. We now offer two types of flow meters (SFM-2001/DFM-3002), which can be adjusted for the optimal flow rates of 3 and 25 LPM (Max 50 LPM)

Flow-Through Oxygen Monitor

The Gas Mixing System (GMS-5002) is a flow-through O2 sensor providing fast oxygen readings from 0% to 25%. Used in tandem with our Dual Flow Meter, it is ideal for mixing custom O2 and CO2 concentrations for hypoxic and culture conditions or where special pre-mixed gases are expensive or unavailable.

Data-logging Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Monitor

The Modular Oxygen Monitor + CO2 (MOM+CO2) sensor is an environmental monitoring device, designed to be placed inside tissue and cell culture incubators. It features an OLED display as well as onboard data logging and remote wireless access of its integrated gas (O2 & CO2), temperature, humidity and pressure sensors.

Hot Box System, Radioactive Gas Filtration

Eliminate [35S]-Met/Cys Contamination! The Hot Box System captures nearly 100% of radioactive gases. Simple and inexpensive to use, the system consists of the Modular Incubator Chamber (MIC-101) and Hot Filters, designed to contain and irreversibly bind [35S] volatiles.

Accessories and Replacement Parts

We also provide replacement parts and accessories.